Statewide Acquisition Corporation specializes in two business plans throughout California - processing, renovating and managing apartment conversions, and the acquisition, renovation and repositioning of apartment complexes. To that end, Statewide understands that those who sell them their properties must feel confident that they can close transactions in an efficient and clear-cut manner. To those who invest with Statewide, they must feel that they are diligent in their approach and conscious of enduring long-term benefits and returns. Statewide looks at both sellers and investors as customers and know that they must demonstrate an unparalleled level of integrity to both parties.

Our Approach

There are many reasons for owners to sell apartment/condo communities - some of which include divesture of family interests, capital gains as a result of long-term ownership, or quite simply it is just time to sell the asset. Regardless, Statewide works closely with apartment/condo owners to assure them that their contracts are as solid as the communities themselves. Most due dilligence is completed before the offer is ever written and the Statewide team is always fully prepared at closing. A sales price is negotiated that is in the best interest of the seller while also maintaining the interests of Statewide's long-term investment philosophy.

Steps taken to purchase a new apartment/condo community.

  1. Upon finding apartment/condo communities that meet specific investment criteria, the first step is to evaluate and identify areas for improvement that will enhance the quality of living for the community.
  2. Evaluate the surrounding area for long-term growth.
  3. Finalize a sound business plan that meets both Statewide's financial goals and partner objectives.


Kenyon Pointe Apartments
Tustin, CA

Club Acacia Apartments
Fullerton, CA

Regency Apartments
Oakland, CA

Verano Terrace
Moreno Valley, CA

Monarch Terrace
Moreno Valley, CA