Kent Hawkins, President & Co-Founder

Kent possesses over 21 years of experience in real estate finance and corporate development. During his career, he has held numerous executive management positions at Unified Capital Corporation, Beztak Development Company (Major Partner was Eli Broad of Kaufman & Broad) and The Warmington Company.

Mr. Hawkins possesses over 26 years of experience in real estate finance, land planning and development, acquisition and management. During Kentís career, he has held numerous executive management positions at Unified Capital Corporation, Beztak Development Company (Major Partner was Eli Broad of Kaufman & Broad) and The Warmington Company.

In 2001, Mr. Hawkins co-founded Statewide Acquisition Corporation with Dirk Ivory. Since its inception, the company has acquired, renovated, and converted nine apartment/condo communities totaling 1,550 units valued in excess of over $450 million including 480 apartment units throughout four communities. Each community has been completely renovated and sold for profit.

Kent Hawkins is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a degree in International Finance, including extensive studies abroad at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.


Dirk Ivory, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Mr. Ivory began his career in construction and real estate in 1979 when he rolled up his sleeves as a Journeyman Tile setter for large-scale development properties. Since that time, he has founded his own successful construction company and held a senior executive position at McNeil Real Estate Management, one of the nation's premier development companies.

As president of Ivory and Associates, he led a company that specialized in the purchase and renovation of under-valued custom homes in the San Francisco Bay area. After 6 years of running his own operation, Mr. Ivory joined McNeil Real Estate in 1991 and became Sr. Vice President in 1994. For nine years, he managed the acquisition and redevelopment for McNeil's $650 million in real estate holdings across 28 states. Throughout this time, Mr. Ivory was involved in all aspects of the business - from acquisition, construction, renovation and property management.

In 2001, Dirk Ivory co-founded Statewide Acquisition Corporation with Kent Hawkins. Mr. Ivory also serves as an advisor to McNeil Capital.


Jake Terada, Director

Jake is a graduate of Keio University, one of the most famous private Universities in Japan, where he received a degree in Computer Science and Management in 1979. After extensive work in real estate development in the Tokyo Bay area, he moved to California to start a real estate development company.

He co-founded Terrada Investment Corporation in 1987 and became Chief Operating Officer and President of the company. Terrada Investment currently owns a warehouse in Torrance, an office complex in Newport Beach, hotel development projects in Irvine and San Diego, and apartment projects in Van Nuys, Moreno Valley, Tustin and Las Vegas.

Mr. Terada has been an outside advisor for the local construction company, R. D. Olson Construction since 1990. This companyís gross revenue has increased from $37M to $130M within 10 years. Recently, R. D. Olson has built student housing for UC Riverside and finished an apartment project at Union Station in Los Angeles.

In 1990, Mr. Terada founded a new development company with Kent Hawkins and started developing a sports and recreation facility in the City of Orange. Today, he manages this sports complex and oversees these investment companies as the Chief Executive Officer.

From their inception to final completion, Jake has overseen condo conversion projects in Fullerton, San Diego, Dublin, San Ramon and Oakland. He has also served on the board of these Home Owners Associations.



Kenyon Pointe Apartments
Tustin, CA

Club Acacia Apartments
Fullerton, CA

Regency Apartments
Oakland, CA